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An overview of our Services

Certified translations

The language mediator authenticates the correction translation of the document in the case of a certified translation. They validate this with a certification formula, comprising their signature and stamp. Only sworn translators may provide certified translations.

Other documents

We can translate advertising, we prepare legal translations, we can do technical translations, websites and operation manuals. We prepare translations of certificates, e.g. death certificates, marriage certificates, school leaving certificates as well as certificates of good conduct.


Our service for specialised translations focuses on preparing translations of various kinds of texts from highly specialised fields. The scope of languages starts at A as in Arabic and goes all the way to Z as in Zazaki. We have been on the market for many years and are able to translate all your documents reliably and fast.

Translation of apostilles

Our sworn translators can provide apostille translations.An apostille is a form of certification in international legal relations. All countries that have signed the “Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents” since 1961 can issue apostilles.

Guaranteed quality

Experience in translation services for over 20 years. Our foreign language office carries out translations in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17100 standard.
For you, this means that you can fully rely on the quality and accuracy of the translation of documents from our foreign language service.

Sworn interpreters

Your partner for translations in all languages and fields. In contrast to translators who translate written texts into other languages, interpreters translate the spoken word. Interpreters can help relatives of different native languages to communicate with one another.

Express translation

A session convened at short notice calls for English drafts? You have received German documents and need these translated promptly into English? We can translate your written documents as an express translation on the same or next day! Our translation agency provides translations at short notice in many languages.

On-time deliveries

Our project managers are at your disposal at any time. Therefore we are able to process urgent orders on a high quality level within the given timeframe.

Utmost secrecy

Übersetzungsbüro 2000 is committed to maintain secrecy on any information disclosed during the course of performing work for the customer.

About us

Established in 2000
we have successfully been providing our customers with professional translation and interpreting services in over 55 languages and in all specialist fields.



languages and in all specialist fields



international customers



certified specialist translators

Within 20 years our translation agency has gained over 15000 international customers and thus established a name that is widely respected in its field.

Over 600 certified specialist translators work for us as freelancers. In order to follow our main principle – highest professional quality, our translators only translate into their native language.

Thanks to high standards of academic and vocational training in conjunction with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to meet your requirements in line with the latest technical and terminological developments. Our quality assurance is according to DIN EN ISO 17100.

If you require competence in translation and interpreting – you need look no further!

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