Legal Translations of Court Papers

While the global village becomes a reality and the globalisation is changing the trade and their markets, the justice systems of the world and persons taking recourse to the law are just as much affected as any other domain. Persons within the judicial system such as court registrars, public prosecutors, lawyers, advocates and judges are forced to collaborate with the international justice authorities of foreign countries. That applies to various fields: from criminal law and civil law all the way to default action.

If you work with the local, federal, social or employment court and require a fast and professional translation agency, the Übersetzungsbüro 2000 is your single point of contact for all your language-related needs. For example, our specialised legal translators can translate orders of punishment into English, bills of indictment into Spanish and German warrants of arrest into Turkish. Furthermore, we as a translation service provider can translate files about investigations or decisions just as well – be it into Russian, Polish or Portuguese.

Professional Translations for Courts in Berlin, Dortmund and Essen

Needless to say that our court translators are also able to assist you in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Hannover in case you require a translation of a restraining order, statement of claim or hearing summons. The same naturally also applies for regional law firms or local courts.

Please contact us if you need interpreters in Emden, Aurich, Leer, Norden, Osnabrück, Wilhelmshaven, Bremen or Vechta. Our interpreting agency can also translate a European warrant of arrest into German, Italian, US-English or French and many other languages.

Professional Translations of Court Decisions and Court Orders – Nationwide With Highest Quality

When dealing with texts from the legal domain, our translation agency exclusively works with native speakers of the target language concerned. Furthermore, our sworn and government-recognised translators for courts have a robust knowledge of laws and legal matters. Some of our highly qualified translators are even from the legal field themselves. That means that the specialised legal translators of our foreign languages agency know the German judicial systems and also the legal system of the country into whose language they translate.

Therefore, apart from the language (Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Dutch, Ukrainian or Vietnamese) they are also able to find the correct terminus in any given situation. The authorised translators of our agency for foreign languages can also prepare competent and formally correct translations of autopsy reports and records of interrogation.

Translation of Insurance Documents

We can also be of service for you if you work with a prison in case you need prison mail translated. We can also translate forms for court notifications or applications for maintenance settlement into Polish, Hungarian, Romanian or Czech. In addition to that, we are also able to translate a rogatory letter for you as a private individual. Finally yet importantly, we translate hearing summons for prisons, police and the federal police.

We are at your service at any time for translation of court papers of any kind. That being said, we can handle each and every field within the legal domain in any language.

Feel free to contact us or request a free offer for the translation of your documents.

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