Translation of Court Decisions

The documents regarding decisions of courts abroad are prepared in the respective foreign languages. The need for translators arises whenever German courts or insurance companies require these court decisions for their own purposes. We have specialised legal translators for the translation of court papers.

Furthermore, our translation agency exclusively works with native speakers of the corresponding language when working on legal translations. These translators understand every detail and also have a good understanding of the relevant paragraphs of laws as well as of the special terminology of legal provisions in the corresponding foreign language.

For example, our specialised legal translators can translate English to German, Spanish to German, Turkish to German, Arabic to German or Russian to German. In addition to that, our sworn legal translators hold degrees as translators and have worked within the judicial system of the respective countries for many years, have additional competencies or have even been working in legal professions themselves.

Legal Translations of Court Decisions

We can also translate court decisions, e.g. from German into Polish, Dutch, Bulgarian and Czech. If you work with a public prosecutor's office, a local court, a federal court or as a judge, we can translate any criminal offence reports, bills of indictment and orders of punishment for you. We also translate documents for prisons, state police and the federal police.

For example, this could be from German into Greek, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Urdu, Kurdish or Romanian. Furthermore, we can translate subpoenas, resolutions, judicial enquiry papers, accident reports or any other court documents, for example from Portuguese or French.

Feel free to contact us or request a free offer for the translation of your documents.

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