Into what languages can my documents be translated at Übersetzungsbüro 2000?

We offer all languages and technical fields. Übersetzungsbüro 2000 is an internationally oriented translation provider. We can typically translate a Romanian birth certificate, a Ukrainian driving licence or a marriage certificate from Serbia or Albania for you.

We also translate documents, certificates and many other files for diverse public authorities, courts, official bodies and administrations, schools and hospitals, universities and law firms into Vietnamese, Spanish, Turkish, French, Kazakh, Polish, Belorussian, Italian, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Czech, Thai, Slovak, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Serbian, Chinese or English.

What is more, we are the ideal choice for you as a company if you require a translation of your trade balance or contractual texts into English, or need to have your annual balance sheet translated into Spanish. There has not been any language combination or technical field that we have not been able to cover so far.

Contact us or request a free quote for the translation of your documents.

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