Specialised Translations for the Aerospace Industry

Many different companies work together in the aviation industry. Our translation agency offers technical as well as legal translations for the aviation and aerospace sector as a reaction to the increased demand for such specialised translations all over the world.

For technical translations, we exclusively employ native speakers of the required target language who also have a solid background in the respective field of engineering. Our specialised translators for the legal domain are also native speakers of the required target language and have an excellent knowledge on legal issues within the framework of the aviation industry.

Our translation agency in Lower Saxony translates for customers from the civil aviation industry, various airlines, aircraftmanufacturers, suppliers for aircraft technology and even for manufacturers of satellites. In this domain, we can translate into English, Danish, Dutch, French or Spanish.

Specialised Translations in the Field of Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design

Furthermore, we translate for customers from the field of aircraft design as well as for manufacturers of private planes, sports planes and large commercial aircraft. We also prepare translations in the field of helicopter technology.

We can translate design plans for various aircraft models. We also translate documents from the field of operational equipment, power supply and safety. In these fields, potential languages could be Russian, Arabic or Chinese.

Feel free to contact us or request a free offer for the translation of your documents.

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