Translation of Tender Documents. German-English

Invitations for Tenders within the EU are generally interesting for everyone: Be it an academic research project or work orders for industrial companies or the craft sector of service industries. Apart from the significant growth in reputation for the company, they often come with an additional financial gain.

In order to even be shortlisted or to be invited, a formally flawless application is required. This applies to the completeness of the documents, but the linguistic requirements for the tender documents should also be demanding enough to match the importance of their intent. As an example, our interpreting office can assist you if you are looking to have your tender documents translated into the English language.

Our translation service will help you quickly and will have competent Translators work on crossing the language barriers in award procedures as well as in negotiation procedures. We can just as much translate your offer into German as we can translate an excerpt from the commercial register or a bank guarantee into French.

Certified Translation of a German Memorandum Article into English

Should you require a certified translation of your general terms and conditions of business, our translation agency is at your service. Furthermore, the specialised translators of the Übersetzungsbüro 2000 can translate all your balance sheets, service descriptions or scientific publications. Be it into Spanish, Italian or any other language.

For our web-based translation service, it does not make a difference whether you are the contracting entity requiring a certified translation of your tender notice into the English or Spanish language or whether you are a bidder requiring an official translation of your papers and documents into the German or Polish Language in order to submit an offer.

Whether you publish tenders for the public authority for structural and civil engineering or as a builder, consulting engineer, architect or project manager for proposed commercial construction: our translation office is your single point of contact for any fast and legally valid translations of certificates.

Our interpreting agency can translate your declaration or cost plan in a certified manner. Furthermore, we can prepare officially recognised translations of memorandum articles. In the past, our translation service was entrusted with the translation of offer letters, self-declarations of compliance, certificates of good conduct, tender specifications, declarations of obligation and business reports into many languages, e.g. German-English.

Translation of Excerpts from the Professional Register – Officially Recognised Translations of Excerpts from the Commercial Register

Our translation agency for the English language has had the pleasure to interpret in writing for various lawyers, solicitors, chartered accountants, tax consultants and architecture firms. In the process, we translated terms of bids from English into German and general terms as well as conditions of contracts, documents regarding the capability of enjoying copyright protection or an overview and location plan into German.

Whether you are working as a craftsman (carpenter, metal worker, construction, interior construction, electrician), in a bank or in a scientific research institute - our translation service is the right partner for you, regardless of whether you require a specialised legal translation into German or a standardised technical text (operation manual).

Our language service translates as per the standard DIN EN 15038. We treat every enquiry and every order with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Feel free to contact us or request a free offer for the translation of your documents.

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