Translation of Documents Regarding Change of Name. German-English

In Germany, the rights related to the use of names is governed by various provisions in the Civil Code. These provisions in the Civil Code contain various options for you to have names changed as part of family-law matters such as birth, marriage, divorce, registration of a civil partnership, determination of descent or adoption.

Change of names can also be applied for if the surname is from another country/language and if you wish to make your foreign name sound more German after naturalisation in Germany. The same applies to changing the spelling of given names.

Change of Name after a Wedding Solemnized in Germany

In order to do this, you will need numerous documents. Most of the documents will be required by the German registrar's office. However, most of them will also have to be submitted to the authorities in the respective country abroad. Therefore, you will require certified translations of your documents. In this case, Übersetzungsbüro 2000 will be happy to help.

Our interpreting service can translate your certificate regarding the change of name from German to English. We can do this regardless of whether it is your spouse or registered partner who had his/her name changed. Our sworn translators are in a position to prepare translations of your passport into English as well. Furthermore, our highly qualified translators can prepare certified translations of e.g. an English passport into German. If requested, we will also arrange for the required Apostille.

Our translation agency for the English language can translate your visa from German into English or can translate your assurance of citizenship into the English language. Our language service is also happy to assist if you require a translation of a German certificate of adoption. Please write to us if you need a German birth or marriage certificate translated into English in a manner that will be accepted by the authorities. In the same way, our interpreting agency can translate your wedding or marriage certificate into German.

Certified English Translations of German Birth Certificates, Family Registers and Divorce Papers

As a professional web-based translation agency for the English language, we can also translate various documents indicating civil status. Our language service will be happy to take up any translations of certificates related to proving your current name for you.

Furthermore, it is possible for our office to translate your decree of divorce into German or a custody declaration / acknowledgement of paternity into the English language. Our translation service can also interpret your proof of income or your certificate of good conduct into English.

To this end, it does not make a difference whether you require officially recognised translations for Emden, Varel, Osnabrück, Munich, Bochum, Dortmund, Münster or Leer. Please feel free to send us your documents from abroad via email, fax or physical mail. After looking through your documents, we will send you a free quote for a certified translation.

As a professional language service provider, we can translate your proof of residence for the purpose of proving your address, your application form for change of name or a death certificate from German into English or vice versa.

Your Reliable Partner for Changing Your Name - Übersetzungsbüro 2000

Our translation service will be happy to help you in translating all the documents that you require in order to change your name after a divorce. Please consider, however, that we as qualified translators are not in a position to approve your application to change your name. For this purpose, please contact the district office responsible for you and the respective authority that has jurisdiction in this case (registrar's office, citizen's office, foreigner's office etc.).

Our language service translates as per the standard DIN EN 15038. We treat every enquiry and every order with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Feel free to contact us or request a free offer for the translation of your documents.

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