What is meant by a certified translation?

A certified translation is a document officially valid in legal relations, in other words an official legal document. Only state audited translators sworn and officially appointed by the courts are authorised to provide a certified translation.

The correctness and completeness of such a translation is confirmed by a certification endorsement by the respective translator, comprising their stamp and signature, with the purpose of preventing a falsification of content (e.g. dates of birth, names etc.), amongst other safeguards.

For this reason, we may only reproduce content that is actually in the documents when making certified translations. This also includes possible orthographic errors or incorrect numerals on the original.

We may neither change, add to nor omit content. That means it is also necessary for the documents to be available in full form for an official translation.

Please clarify name conventions or spellings with us in advance if your documents contain non-Latin script, for example in the case of Russian, Arabic, Farsi (Persian) or Chinese documents. In most cases, it is sufficient for you to give us the spelling or notation according to an identification document. If available, simply send us a copy of your German ID.

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