Will a native speaker translate my document?

Our sworn qualified translators only work in their respective mother tongue, in other words they are native speakers. In addition, they will only undertake translation in the relevant field for which they are qualified.

This training can be in the form of a university education, extensive vocational experience and/or further training, where they can gain additional qualifications giving them the specific technical vocabulary or enabling them to understand the linguistic conventions of the respective country.

With every translation order, we only commission technical translators for the respective field. With us, only expert legal translators provide specialist legal translations, such as a marriage document from South Africa, a Russian birth certificate, Italian divorce documentation or a Polish inheritance certificate.

Our qualified legal translators also have an economic or business background for technical translations involving trade balances, quarterly reports or a purchase agreement for one of our major customers.

The same applies for technical translation: No matter whether operating instructions are to be translated into English, a manual into Spanish or a technical handbook into French. Such orders are only undertaken by technical translators at our company, who can demonstrate additional qualifications in physics, electrical engineering or technical sciences.

In order to avoid misunderstandings in the technical field, please clarify specific language variations with us in advance: Do you prefer US English or British English? Do you require a Latin American version of Spanish or Portuguese? Is the certified driving licence into French intended for Paris or for Montreal?

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